How to Turn Her On

Turning a woman is one of the biggest obstacles men face when attempting to get laid. Men often resort to getting a woman drunk, because they do not know how to properly turn her on. However, with the proper knowledge and technique, anyone can learn how to turn a woman on and have her begging to sleep with you. There are a variety of techniques you should learn and use to turn women on.

Display confidence

Women want someone who is in control and displays dominant characteristics. Before a woman will have sleep with you, she has to picture what it would be like in her mind. If you come off as weak and insecure, it will be impossible for her to envision sleeping with you. As a result, you need to display confidence in everything you do. For example, you should never ask a girl if you can kiss her. When the moment is right, pull her into you and lean in for the kiss. This behaviour shows that you know how to please her without guidance.

Talk about it

How else will women begin to think of you sexually if you do not talk about intercourse? The key here is to remain subtle. Do not directly implicate in any way that you want to sleep with her. All you need to do is get her thinking about it. For example, you could make an offhand comment about an arousing related article that you read. The quicker you can get her thinking about it, the more time she will spend dwelling on it.


As usual, the key here is subtlety. You do not want to be too forward and risk putting her off. As a result, you need to start with subtle, almost accidental touching. Touch her on innocent areas of her body such as the hand or arm. By doing this, you will build up her feelings of anticipation and by the end of the night she will be the one touching you. For example, if you are having dinner, you can stretch your arms out and gently place your fingers on her hands. Linger just long enough to get her excited which is typically no more than ten seconds.

Tease her

If you find something that she really likes, do not let her have it. One guaranteed way to get a woman aroused is to tease her. For example, if you are kissing and you can tell by her body language that she is really enjoying it, pull back before it gets to too full on. By doing this, you will make her want you even more. The anticipation will continue to build within her.

Women do not become aroused the way men do. Men are visual creatures and arousal can come from merely seeing someone attractive. Women need to be seduced. They need to see that you are the alpha male and that being with you is for their benefit, not yours.

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