Does Jelq Work?

Why size matters

Women talk and men know the truth. Size is important. Consciously or unconsciously, men put a great deal of importance on the size of their penis and want to know does jelq work. A small penis can result in insecurity and low self-esteem, which in itself can negatively affect sexual performance. In rare cases, men may even experience erectile dysfunction caused by a negative perception of their penis size.

How and why penis enlargement exercises work

Jelqing exercises are the most common form of exercise used to increase penis size. Jelqing works by forcing blood and nutrients throughout the length of the penis. The motion used in jelqing slowly builds pressure of the penis, blood vessels and other tissues. This will help strengthening of the penis over time. Similar to a muscle, the pressure applied to the penis during jelqing causes it to become stronger and harder, expanding over time. In order to see noticeable results, it is important to jelq on a daily and consistent basis. Another popular type of male enhancement exercise is known as weight hanging. Weight hanging involves attaching a small weight to your penis for a designated period of time. Weight hanging works similarly to jelqing. By attaching a weight to your penis and gradually increasing the weight, the ligaments of the penis are strengthened, which will increase in size over time.

Does Jelq Work FAQ

I common questions asked is Does Jelq Work? Male enhancement is an uncomfortable subject for many, it is important to respond to concerns that you may have regarding penis exercises.

Do male enhancement exercises cause damage?

When performed correctly, male enhancement exercises are a safe way to increase your penis size. However, there are risks involved, it is important to read up on proper exercise technique before performing penis exercises.

How long does it take to see results?

This is a difficult question, because the results will often vary based on the individual and how frequently and consistently they perform the exercises. However, with a well regimented exercise program, noticeable results can be achieved in a few months.

Are the results permanent?

If you manage to increase your size by performing penis exercises, it will remain that way. Be sure that you want to increase your penis size before attempting these exercises. There is no way to decrease the size of your penis without the use of surgery.

Will it increase girth?

Because extra blood is being forced into the penis, girth will increase as well as length.

Will it make me last longer?

There is no correlation between penis size and sexual stamina. However, the act of exercising your penis on a regular basis may make it more accustom to touch. This could make it less sensitive and consequently allow you to last longer.

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