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A Beginner’s Guide to Jelqing

Most men at some point in their life wonder if penis enlargement exercises work. Many guys with small penises have low confidence when it comes to crunch time and women pick up on these vibes and shit falls to pieces. So, many of you out there might have wondered if there are exercises that work ,and if so, how? One   Read more…


No Doubt About It: Penis Size Matters to Men

When it comes to penis size, there is no debate from a man’s perspective. You care about it. You think more is definitely better and figure women feel that way as well. Believe it or not, penis size is not that important to women. Often, they won’t have that much to compare with and it   Read more…


Top Reasons Why Men Want a Larger Size

While most women are completely satisfied with the size of their male partner’s penis size, it is often a source of insecurity for men. Men who have a larger penis are more likely to satisfy their partner. Some of the top reasons why men want a larger penis include: Pressure from society. Similar to how   Read more…