A Beginner’s Guide to Jelqing

Most men at some point in their life wonder if penis enlargement exercises work. Many guys with small penises have low confidence when it comes to crunch time and women pick up on these vibes and shit falls to pieces. So, many of you out there might have wondered if there are exercises that work ,and if so, how?

One thing worth knowing is….You Can Genuinely Enlarge Your Size At Home Using Just Your Hands!

Most men dismiss it as a ‘myth’ and move on with their life carrying their lack lustre performance in the bedroom with them. In fact jelqing exercises have been around for a long time now and it goes all the way back to when primitive tribes they were using weights hanging off their penises to lengthen them. This practise is evident with their other body parts as well, including their ears, necks, mouths etc.

I know it sounds a bit tough to hang weights off your penis.

Well lucky you don’t have to hang weights off your penis, your hand is a good enough tool for the job.

How does Jelqing work?

The great news is it only takes 6-8 minutes per day. It is similar to going to the gym, you pump a few weights, stimulate the muscle groups to grow and over time they get larger. If only it was that easy, but you get my point.  The penis is different to the rest of your body (most of the it is in fact soft connective tissue with a rich blood supply, hence the wrong exercises may tear the tissue and cause damage. You don’t want this do you? ), so do not start putting weights on your penis and start pumping.There are particular exercises to suit the penis.

There are particular exercises to suit the penis.

Size Does Matter

While there are many options, jelqing is a safe, do-it-yourself method which will give you the results you want. Jelqing, also known as milking, is considered an exercise technique which can be performed with or without a device. If you are new to jelqing, you’ll probably want to try it without the device first to see how it feels and if you are satisfied. With jelqing, you need to begin when your penis is not erect.

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Steady and Careful

Remember to go easy as you begin. You don’t want to apply too much pressure or you could really hurt yourself. That is the last thing you want when it comes to sexual performance and self-confidence. A good number of repetitions to begin with is 90 a day. You can do them at any time. However, your testosterone will be higher in the morning and you may have more ejaculations. Night may be a better time when it is quiet, calm, and there are no distractions. This is an exercise that should be performed on your own. If you feel the urge to ejaculate, stop and wait for it to pass before resuming. You’ll probably feel a little tender at first. You shouldn’t jelq more than five days a week. Try it for a couple of days, take a break for a day, go for two more and so on. The penis needs to heal after stretching occurs. As you build up a tolerance, you can increase your repetitions to 200. If you feel intense discomfort, stop. Give yourself a chance to recuperate and try it again. If you are still hurting, it’s possible you’ve hurt yourself. Rest and consider medical attention if it persists.


To determine how effective jelqing is for you, take measurements at the beginning. After the first month of regular exercise, you should see some improvements. Continue to evaluate your results on a monthly basis. It won’t happen overnight. Your best increase should happen within six months. Everyone is different. The more repetitions you do and the length of time you do them will help you to achieve your goal. Eat well, get enough sleep, and try herbal supplements that are also known to be effective for male enhancement. Jelqing improves circulation and promotes tissue growth through stretching. Enlist your partner and ask for feedback about any improvements in erections and delayed ejaculations. If your partner is happy with your performance, you can stay motivated each day.

In the Beginning, Less is More

As recommended before, start with fewer repetitions. At the very beginning stage, you may even want to drop down to 50. Each week, you can increase your number of exercises. Always listen to your body and pay attention to warning signs. If you are having too much pain, back off. If you are feeling good, keep increasing the repetitions. Although the best results occur within the first few months, you can always continue after six months if you are enjoying the exercise routine.

Find a Routine

As with any regimen, find out what works for you. Most would recommend evening. Try it when no one is around. Go to a dark, quiet place, relax completely, and get started. If you are planning on being active with a partner later, do it early enough to be rested.

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