No Doubt About It: Penis Size Matters to Men

When it comes to penis size, there is no debate from a man’s perspective. You care about it. You think more is definitely better and figure women feel that way as well. Believe it or not, penis size is not that important to women. Often, they won’t have that much to compare with and it is not the main thing a woman thinks about. A woman is looking at the whole package, how the guy treats her, and if she feels loved and cherished. When it comes to the bedroom, she’ll want someone who really pleasures her by taking it slow and warming her up until she’s really turned on. She’ll be thinking, “I love what he does to me and how he makes me feel,” not, “I love his huge penis!” Men, on the other hand, are consumed about the size of their penis and there are many reasons to help you understand the obsession.

Bigger Means Better Action

When you’re penis is bigger, things are in working order. Good blood flow means a fuller, harder erection. You don’t have to worry about impotence when your penis swells, you can hold off on ejaculations, and pleasure lasts longer in the bedroom. There are various exercises and devices you can use to help you achieve this goal. You can take natural supplements that boost hormone levels and improve circulation. Jelqing and penis stretching will help to get the blood pumping and provide small increases in length as well over time. Pelvic floor exercises and ballooning target ejaculations, providing you with more control and heightening the thrill for both partners when it’s time to complex. Delayed gratification definitely makes sex better and concerns about a bigger penis all come down to sex.

Self-Improvement Plans Mean Fixing Every Part of Yourself

When you want to make yourself a better man, your penis is part of the package. You might start working out, you could be eating right, maybe you’re taking classes to get a better job. As you work on every aspect of your self-improvement plan, it’s no surprise if you’re thinking about your penis size. The main thing is to be realistic. Don’t expect to be the same as the guys in the movies or magazines. When you see toys in the adult store, forget about matching those products. Sex enhancement devices are generally exaggerated to get both partners really excited. When vibrators and dildos are really big, they actually intimidate most women. Have expectations that are within the realm of the real world.

Penis Size is Part of Your Self-Esteem

A man looks at the size of his penis as part of what makes him stand out. You know what it’s like. When you’ve been in the locker room or the bathroom, you compare. It’s normal. Every guy does it and is thinking about how he measures up. Just remember that every man is unique. Stop worrying so much about the other guy or think that every girl is measuring you by the bulge in your pants. In the real world, most girls are not even thinking about that when they get to know you. It’s only in the world of porn and fantasies that women are focusing on that part of a man’s anatomy, licking their lips, and whispering to each other about getting their hands on that great, big dick. Women talk to each other about how their men treat them, hug, kiss, wine and dine them. They want romance. Instead of focusing on the size of your penis, find out about all the ways that you can become a Don Juan. Become the greatest lover in the world and the size of your penis won’t matter. Make the most of what you have and you can take her over the top. While the other guys are hanging out, worrying about being big enough, you can rest assured that you have a satisfied woman waiting for you. Give her what you’ve got and make magic happen.

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