Top Reasons Why Men Want a Larger Size

While most women are completely satisfied with the size of their male partner’s penis size, it is often a source of insecurity for men. Men who have a larger penis are more likely to satisfy their partner. Some of the top reasons why men want a larger penis include:

Pressure from society.

Similar to how women are pressured to be skinny, men may feel pressure to have a large penis. Society often touts larger penises as being more manly and better for providing sexual pleasure. Masculinity is big aspect of today’s culture and penis size is often used as a measuring standard for masculinity. In today’s society, bigger is nearly always seen as better. As a result, men often feel inadequate regardless of their penis size.

Wanting to pleasure their partner.

While penis size is not always correlated with sexual pleasure, many women find a larger penis more visually stimulating, which may result in an increase in sexual excitement and pleasure. Men who are larger often last longer and stay aroused for longer periods of time. Women are very visually oriented and a large penis can be an exciting prospect. Many men believe that it would be easier to pleasure their women with a larger penis.

Standard set by media and other sources.

If you walk into an adult store, one of the first things you may notice is the size of the dildos and vibrators available for purchase. Men see this and compare it to their own penis and end up feeling small in comparison. Since women choose to purchase these toys for self-pleasuring purposes, men assume that women need a large penis to be fully satisfied. Additionally, porn actors typically are very large. It is no wonder that men have set such high standards for themselves regarding penis size. The visual evidence of large penises in the adult film and toy industry is overwhelming.

Increased confidence.

When you feel insecure about the size of your penis, your overall self-confidence will plummet. By seeking out male enhancement methods, you can feel like you have more control over your body, which will increase your self-confidence. Simply by feeling more confident, you can improve your performance in the bedroom.

Men want to stand out in the mind of their lovers.

Among men, penis size is often treated as a competition. Men stress over the thought that their partner’s previous lovers had a larger penis. Like most men, you may have worried at one point or another that your partner is thinking of another man when you have sex. As a result, you want to be the guy that women fantasize about. Men want to create a lasting impression with every woman that they have sex with.

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