Is Jelqing Safe?

Jelqing is a way to naturally increase your penis size by using stretching and massaging exercises. Many people do not try jelqing because they are afraid of injuries.

Is jelqing safe?

While there are potential risks involved with jelqing, if done properly it can be completely safe. Most jelqing injuries occur as a result of trying to do too much too quickly. It is important to avoid over-training when performing jelqing exercises. Over-training or applying too much pressure may result in small bruises or cuts. These injuries typically heal overnight and are not serious.

It is important to be safe when you are performing jelqing exercises. There are a few tips that can help prevent injuries and improve results:

Warm up

Just like any exercise, jelqing requires a proper warm up. You should start by wrapping a warm cloth around your penis. Jelqing immediately after a shower is also effective. Warming up allows you to get the blood flowing in your penis and helps prevent injuries.

Maintain a semi-flacid state

One of the most common ways to injure your penis is by performing jelqing exercises while fully erect. Your veins may be damaged if you are fully erect while jelqing. You should be somewhat flacid but not entirely limp either. If you are completely limp, the exercises will lose all effectiveness.

Apply the appropriate amount of pressure

Applying too much pressure can cause bruising on your penis. However, too little pressure will not achieve the desired results. If you experience any pain while jelqing, you should stop immediately. You should start slowly and gradually increase the amount of pressure you apply with your strokes. After you find a comfortable rhythm, you can stick with it.

Use lubricant

Never perform jelqing exercises without adequate lubrication. If your penis is dry you dramatically increase the likelihood of injury. Be sure to apply a liberal amount of lubrication and reapply it if begins to wear off.

Similar to other exercise programs, jelqing is safe if you proper precautions.

Alternatives to Jelqing

There are other male enhancement products on the market that promise similar results but fail to deliver such as penis pumps, pills and weight hanging.

Penis pumps

The penis pump is a vacuum that temporarily increases the blood flow in the penis. Your penis may increase in size after using the penis pump but results are only temporary. Additionally, penis pumps can be dangerous and there is serious risk that you may burst capillaries.

Penis pills

Penis enlargement pills do not work and are a waste of your money. Penis pills are merely a vitamin concoction that will not enlarge the size of your penis.

Weight hanging

Weight hanging is an extremely dangerous penis enlargement technique and should not be attempted. Weight hanging may result in serious injuries such as nerve damage, deformation and impotence.
Just like your muscles, enlarging your penis takes hard work. There is no quick fix, but a proper jelqing program can help you get the size you have always wanted. I hope this answered your question “Is Jelqing Safe?
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