Jelq Device

Jelqing Device

Jelqing is a technique used to increase the size of your penis. A jelq device is designed to increase the amount of blood that flow and create micro-tears in a similar way that weight lifting tears muscle fibers. As a result, regular jelqing can lead to a noticeably larger size in as little as a few months.

To assist with the act of jelqing, many people use a jelqing device. Jelqing devices perform the process of jelqing and eliminate some of the challenges faced when manually jelqing. Using a jelqing device has a variety of benefits that you should consider.

Increase size

The jelqing device works by creating friction and force along the base of the penis, which causes the tissue to expand and enlarge. As blood fills this area of the penis, the capacity to grow larger is increased. By using a jelq device on a regular basis, you can see a significant increase in size.

Better orgasm control

One of the side effects of using the jelq device regularly is better orgasm control. The device trains you to ejaculate only when you are ready. As a result, your jelq training sessions can translate into longer and better sessions with your partner in bed.

Harder erections

A major benefit of jelqing is due to the increased blood flow. While it increases your growth capacity in the long run, in the short run, it can give you harder erections. An erection is caused by excess blood flow into the penis. When you are experiencing even more blood flow, your erections will be harder and fuller. As a result, you can see an instant increase in size merely because your erections will be fuller and harder.

Easier workouts

One of the primary complaints of manual jelqing is that it can be tiring on your hands. A jelqing device removes some of the difficulties involved with manual jelqing and allows you to increase the amount of pressure you can apply during jelqing. However, manual jelqing is still ideal because it allows you to go at your own pace and gradually increase the pressure. Jelqing devices do have their uses, especially if you suffer from arthritis and have difficulty producing the motion on your own.

Alternatives to Jelq Device

There are numerous alternatives to jelqing that claim to produce similar results. However, many of these alternatives have mixed results.

The penis pump

The penis pump consists of a tube that is fitted over the base of the penis and uses a suction vacuum to increase blood flow into the penis. These devices can be dangerous and only produce short term results. In some cases, blood is forced into the penis too rapidly causing tissue damage.

Penis pills

Penis pills have proven to be completely ineffective and they should be avoided.

Weight hanging

Weight hanging is a dangerous exercise that can result in long term damage to your penis. As a result, these exercises should be avoided.


Using a Jelqing Device can assist you in the jelqing process; however there are some things you need to consider. If you are deciding to use a Jelq Device, make sure you read the above points and make sure you evaluate manual jelqing as an alternative.

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