Jelqing Device Results

Ever wondered if jelqing devices yield results? Male enhancement has been a concern for men throughout the ages. Ancient tribes in Africa used weights attached to the penis to achieve greater lengths. Thousands of years ago, Asians discovered herbs with properties that were beneficial for increased stamina and fuller erections. Today, you can use a variety of supplements, exercises, and devices to achieve desired results. A jelqing device is one that is exceptionally promising today.


jelqing deviceWhat is a jelqing device?

There are several jelqing devices available on the market. They simulate the jelqing technique that can be performed without any outside help and make it easier for you to perform this popular exercise. Jelqing involves many repetitions. When performed manually, the hand tends to tire. However, with a device, you can achieve optimal results sooner. It is a safe and effective way to exercise the penis without causing damage.

Jelqing device results?

You can expect an increase in the size of his penis after regular use of one of the many jelqing devices that are on the market today. The length and girth will improve with cell growth and enhanced circulation, meaning more satisfaction in the bedroom. Harder erections are also common as well as you experience more firmness during sexual performance. Partners will enjoy the results as well when you have better control of ejaculations.

Based off a study conducted by Jelq Device:

jelqing device results length

jelqing device results girth


Everyone knows that men and women are built differently. A woman takes a long time to reach climax. With the help of a jelqing device, you can pace yourself so that your release will match the moment a woman arrives at her peak. Regular exercise for this important part of the body works as well as any other part of the body. Jelqing can achieve desired and surprising benefits for you that will impress your partner as well. The entire goal is to have a better experience for everyone involved and a jelqing device can take you all the way home.

How long does it take to see results?

Jelqing device results vary depending upon the individual, how much time is spent with the jelqing device each day, and how long a man continues use of the device. You should see a noticeable difference within the first month. As you continue past that point, additional benefits can be experienced. According to a user study, 82% of their customers using a jelqing device added nearly an inch to their length while others made it to two inches. Generally, a half-inch was gained in one to three months. By six months, many made it to nearly an inch. Greater lengths depend on the individual. You’ll have to discover a jelqing device’s potential for yourself and try the jelq device.

What is jelqing all about?

If you are not aware of jelqing, it is a common do-it-yourself technique used for male enhancement. The goal is to add to the overall length and girth of the penis. It should only be performed when the penis is not fully erect. Otherwise, serious damage could occur. It is grasped at the base and the hand moves down firmly to the head with many repetitions. Through this routine stretching process, improved circulation is developed. New cell growth is another positive benefit. While results are not instantaneous, a man can expect improvements in the long run. It is important to realize there shouldn’t be any pain involved when exercising the penis. If there is pain, it is time to stop. Either the exercise is not being performed properly or there could be an underlying problem. You should never push so hard for results that you wind up injuring yourself.

Why should I use a device?

The jelqing device has been carefully designed to perform the jelqing action without harming the penis. It is more effective than simply using one’s own hand. It only takes a few minutes a day, you won’t tire, and you can fit this into the daily routine without a hassle. It is relatively inexpensive and simple to use.

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