Jelqing Exercises 101

jelqing exercisesThis Jelqing exercises guide will help you increase the length and girth of your penis.

How does Jelqing Work?

Jelqing works by increasing the level of blood flow to the penis. As the penis expands, eventual growth will take place. Results will vary according to the person, how often the exercise is performed, variations in the exercise, use of other supplements, and a man’s level of tolerance. This is not an overnight answer to a guy’s common quest to be bigger and better when it comes to sexual prowess. However, when performed properly, it is a safe technique that can make the entire sexual experience more enjoyable after persistent use of jelqing exercises.

The best advice for any man thinking about jelqing is to give it a try, keep the end goal in sight, and persist with it.

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Getting Started with Jelqing Exercises

Before starting in on a daily jelqing regimen, it’s essential to know the basics. Improperly exercising can result in injury and put a person out of order, the last thing any man wants to hear. When exercising, it should be semi erect, at least for the beginning stages. Men who have become experts in this technique may feel comfortable and satisfied with jelqing on a fully erect penis, but this is recommended for the highly skilled person. If at any point, too much strain or pain is felt on the penis, it’s time to listen to what the body is saying and stop before any damage is done.

Lubrication Works Best

Lubrication is advised with jelqing for the best experience, especially for the novice, although dry jelqing exercises can be performed.

  • Don’t use soap to moisten or lubricate the penis.

  • Vaseline, cocoa butter, baby oil, and a variety of lotions are effective lubricants.

There are many products on the market that are designed to heighten a sexual interlude. However, those that give too much stimulation through the addition of heat should be avoided. Otherwise, complete arousal and ejaculation could result, shortening the jelqing session.
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Different Techniques

O Gasp Jelqing Exercise

O Jelqing Technique

There are two popular methods, try each to discover which provides the greatest level of comfort.

  1. The O grasp involves making an O at the base of the penis with the thumb and index finger.
  2. The pincher grasp involves using the thumb and index finger once again. However, the thumb goes on the bottom of the penis while the index finger goes on top. Thumb and index finger will point down and will appear to be preparing to pick up something in a pincher grasp.

It may prove effective to use both methods, beginning with the pincher grasp to obtain semi erection, moving on to the O grasp for the remainder of the session.

Jelqing Action

Once the hand is in position, it’s time to stroke down to the glans. Alternating hands works best, keeping up a constant jelqing motion for the length of the session. One hand will slide down the penis immediately followed by the next.

Taking the Dry Approach

While jelqing with lubrication is the recommended way to get optimal results with less risk of damage, some men may find that they are stimulated to the point of ejaculation, unable to continue the exercises for a prolonged period of time. Dry jelqing can be performed instead. During dry jelqing, no lubricant is used and the fingers do not slide over the skin. Rather, they remain in contact with one area of skin during the entire procedure.

  • Dry jelqing is not as messy since there is no lubricant.

  • The doughnut effect is a more common side effect with this form of jelqing.

It is always important for a man to pay attention to any warning signs, stop when there is pain, and take care while trying this procedure.

Jelqing Sessions

  • First Week: 200 to 300 strokes a day.
  • Second Week: 300 to 500 strokes a day.
  • Third Week +: 500 strokes a day is standard.

 The amount of strength used in the grasp should be able to increase as a man builds tolerance to the technique.
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Make it Part of the Routine

It takes time and dedication. However, it can be pleasurable and a stress-reliever. Think of it like any other exercise routine and set aside a time each day that works best. There may even be several times a day that work well, early in the morning or lying in bed at night. It’s important for a guy to get comfortable with this technique, see it through, and make the most of it.

Possible Side Effects

  • It’s a matter of listening to the body and stopping before there is pain involved.

    Once regular jelqing is underway, tiny, red spots may appear on the penis when the delicate capillaries have burst. These spots will go away and may be avoided all together if jelqing is performed gently at first with a gradual build up in intensity.
  • The doughnut effect is another common side effect in which fluid gathers around the glans for circumcised men or on the foreskin of uncircumcised men. While painful, this fluid level will go down within a matter of hours.
  • Stretch marks can appear. By moisturizing and using plenty of lubricant, these side effects can be avoided. ”No pain, no gain” is not the philosophy to go by when it comes to this form of exercise.
  • Once a round of jelqing is completed, it generally provides a satisfying sensation of fullness, followed by the penis shrivelling as a result of such vigorous exercise. This is completely normal and will not affect the penis in any negative way.

Give it a Break

Once the jelqing exercises are complete, it is helpful to apply moisturizer and wrap a warm, moist towel around the penis as a just reward for a hard workout. A heating pad set on low may also feel pleasant after a lengthy session. A warm towel may also be used before beginning a session to make it easier to get things started. If at any time, the penis becomes overly tender, it is time to take a break. A man may need to have a day off once or twice a week for the best results.

Where to go now?

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Enjoy the Advantages

How to turn her on

As prowess increases with jelqing, you’re likely to have better control in bed with enhanced strength in the penis and the ability to put off ejaculation for longer periods of time.

Jelqing will pay off. Tolerance builds, pressure can increase, and the sessions can last longer. A guy can begin to experiment with the technique and reap the rewards. This could really add some entertainment and excitement to a night with one’s partner. Let the partner get in on the act! The only drawback with this approach is the fact that arousal will probably mean ending the exercise session sooner.

As all men know, it takes a woman longer to climax. Jelqing may really help in getting the timing right for both partners, bringing sexual intercourse to a whole new level.

Jelqing can benefit a man in many ways, adding length and fullness to each erection, better blood flow to the penis, and toning the penis for excellence when it comes to the next sexual interlude. With regular sessions over a period, jelqing is a method that can be performed often. Stick with jelqing for a major boost in confidence.