Jelqing Results

For most men, the size of their penis can be a sensitive topic. Jelqing is common enlargement exercise for men and they want to know do other get jelqing results? The answer is yes, however it is not the case of jumping straight into jelqing and expect results straight away. Following a proof-in routine is essential. This will ensure you get desired results, without any side effects. Below will answer some of your questions.

Most men are insecure about their penis size and want to be bigger. Few realize that the penis can increase in size naturally by performing exercises that increase the amount of blood flow in the penis.

Jelqing Results

Here are a few jelqing results statistics from penis advantage:

  • Jon (UK) : 1 Inch Growth in first week and continued grow to 8+ Inches
  • Arnaldo S : Reported an increase in stamina from jelqing
  • Steve Lauderdale : Increased 0.75 inch
  • Anonymous : In the first two weeks I grew 1/2 Inch

How Does Penis Enlargement work?

The penis is made up of three primary types of tissue. It contains two corpora cavernosa, which are pieces of muscle that become hard when filled with blood, and one corpus spongiosum between them. When the penis is sexually excited it is filled with blood and becomes erect, increasing dramatically in size. The key to increasing your penis size is to increase the capacity of blood that flows into the three parts of the penis.

By using specially designed exercises, you can increase the amount of blood that flows into your penis. The process is similar to that of a muscle. The more blood in the tissue of your penis, the larger it will grow. As with any part of your body, if you do not exercise it you risk limiting yourself to your genetic predisposition. However, penis enlargement exercises can permanently increase the size of your penis.

Is Jelqing safe?

Many men refuse to try penis enlargement exercises because they are worried about accidentally damaging their penis. However, if performed correctly, penis enlargement exercises are a natural and completely safe method to significantly increase the size of your penis.

As with all exercise, it is important to start slowly and gradually increase the duration and frequency of your exercises. Do not immediately begin an advanced exercise program because it could result in over training. Over training is a serious risk and could lead to temporary erectile dysfunction or other issues. Take it slow. Penis enlargement exercises take time to see results. After you perform the exercises, your penis needs adequate rest or growth will begin to stagnate. If you experience significant pain during a specific type of exercise, stop that exercise immediately. It is important to use common sense when performing penis enhancement exercises. If you take your time and remain consistent, you will see results.

Penis Enlargement Alternatives

There is no quick fix when it comes to male enhancement. Many products such as pills or penis pumps promise fast and easy results. However these alternative methods do not work and may have dangerous side effects. A penis pump is typically a device that consists of an acrylic tube attached to a pumping mechanism. Your penis is inserted into the tube and then you squeeze the mechanism to increase the pressure inside the tube. As the pressure inside the tube increases, the blood flow into your penis also increases.

While the theory behind penis pumps may seem sound, there are significant risks involved with using them. You can potentially burst blood vessels and blisters may appear on your penis after using the pump. In more severe cases, overuse of the pump can damage the tissue of your penis and lead to impotence. At best, alternative male enhancement treatments will only produce temporary results that diminish soon after use.

For a permanent increase in your penis size, penis enlargement exercises are essential. Jelqing Results speak for itself and with a good routine you can achieve desired results within weeks. However it is important to research the proper way to perform exercises and avoid over training.

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